Medical Spanish Courses in Mexico



The Mission of the PACE-MedSpanish program is to improve health care among Latinos in the US and abroad by training English speaking medical providers in Spanish language and cultural skills. We also aim to provide those interested in global health and international medicine the experiences needed to become better healthcare practitioners.


Medical Spanish Mexico

Clinical Immersion in Mexico

To enhance and improve the Medical Spanish language skills of health care providers.
To reinforce those skills in a variety of healthcare settings; i.e. general hospitals, clinics, rural health brigades, and Red Cross ambulances.
To improve and enhance the relationship between Spanish speaking patients and their care providers, through cultural literacy.

To reduce mortality and morbidity through innovative community based training systems in  Mexico and Latin America.


  • To provide a hands-on, total immersion language experience.
  • To utilize one-on-one or small group instruction tailored to your degree of proficiency.
  • To enable complete clinical immersion in a foreign setting.
  • To rapidly tailor language¬†acquisition to your needs.

Our Medical Spanish Courses in Mexico

Escape to the picturesque cities of San Miguel de Allende(Guanajuato), Guanajuato City(Guanajuato), Oaxaca City(Oaxaca), or San Miguel de las Cosas (Chiapas) and immerse yourself in our world class Medical Spanish Courses. PACE Medspanish is distinctly unique from any other Medical Spanish course or program in the US, Mexico or Latin America.

hospital rounds

We offer extensive clinical and emergency access through the Red Cross/Cruz Roja, Rural Brigades and local hospitals and clinics. In doing so, our program offers a glimpse into global health initiatives while providing different types of health professionals a variety that will help achieve their continuing education goals. From CME’s for physicians, to clinical gap rotations for Medical Residents, to specifically tailored medical spanish courses for Medical Students,Nurse Practitioners and PA’s, this program is tailored around your busy schedule.Undergraduate pre-health professionals flourish in our Summer Program as well.Our extended family of teachers, doctors, and local guides are ready to share their knowledge and skill sets to help transform your ability to speak and communicate Spanish in a medical context!

During your sojourn to any of these amazing cities and education centers in Mexico, our hope is to make you feel at home.

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